Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Greetings readers and followers, 

Today's Tuesday post is the final in a series of guest blogger postings by men excited about the Bethany 2012 event.  Today's posting again comes from the pages of the General Conference of Disciples Men newsletter, 'The Voice'.  The post is another personal invitation from our friend and keynote speaker, author and men's ministry advocate, Derek Maul.


Are we there yet? 
How much longer? 
Can’t we go just a little faster? 
I thought you said we’d be there by now? 
Do we have to wait until next July?

Greetings, most excellent Disciples Men, my name is Derek Maul. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited; I can’t wait for next summer and the Extreme Faith-Bold Action Men’s Gathering at Bethany College!
Not only all that, but you’re going to be there too! I’m so much looking forward to meeting each one of you. Then, after we enjoy some great fellowship and swap some stories, I’m going to share something of what God has placed on my heart about what it means to be a Christian Man in the context of 21st Century America.

The implications of Bethany 2012 are so profound that I wrote a new book based on my topic for Saturday evening’s keynote talk. Not a talk based on a pre-existing book; but a brand-new book that’s based on the keynote for your Extreme Faith-Bold Action gathering!

I’ll be speaking about “Ten Life-Charged Words for Disciples Men.” The book (slated to be released just a week or two before the event) is “Ten Life-Charged Words for Men.”

The big, huge, important question – and it’s been on my heart for a while now – is this, “What are some of the catalysts that are effective when it comes to adding transformational life to my identity as a Disciple of Jesus?”  Let me repeat that: What are some of the catalysts that are effective when it comes to adding transformational life to my identity as a Disciple of Jesus?”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in anything that smacks of “The same-old,
same-old…” God sent Jesus so that we could live like we mean it. Forget survival mentality, I want us to talk about what it means to thrive!

So, if you are the kind of man who wants to live a cutting edge life and is ready to own a faith that’s transformational and challenging; and if you think that Jesus had something other than “protecting the status-quo” in mind when he promised abundant life…

Then why don’t we meet up at Bethany and talk about it. It’s going to be a stellar weekend!