Monday, March 26, 2012

Liam's Message

Liam & Gabe in 2012
I've been thinking about brothers and what they mean to one another.

Brother is a term of family; connection of male siblings and then there's the connection of non-familial spiritual relationship.  Either way, brothers share a unique sense of connection.   It's important to also note that a spiritual relationship often exists for sibling brothers even though some may not be willing to admit it.

Brothers are special to one another and to their families.  Brothers bond with one another and they act as a bonding agent for families in time of crisis or chaos. Spiritual brothers of the non-familial type are also special to one another because of the mutually shared male bond.  Non-sibling males brotherly bond as well when thrust into chaotic or crisis situations, i.e. soldiers serving together in time of war. 

This past Tuesday my wife gave birth to our second son; a sibling brother named Liam.  Our son, Gabe becomes a big brother at 18 months of age.  In thinking about the special bond that they share I've been considering how unique the relationship between brothers truly is and how deep the bonds of brotherly love go.

Derek & Geoff in 1957
Last week, a good friend of mine's sibling brother died after a heroic battle with cancer.  They are now separated from one another, but I wonder, might they now be more spiritually related or sacredly connected to one another than at any other time during their earthly lives?  The 'connection', the brotherly love we share together here in this world for one another insures that our bonds are forever in place in the spiritual world.   

This past summer, one of my brothers and I had an unfortunate falling out in front of family.  We didn't speak to one another for several weeks.  Now, let me just say, that brother and I have gone several weeks at a time not speaking to one another before, but not because of a falling out.  We were both hurt and not sure how to repair things.  A disagreement between brothers can make days seem like months or even longer.

My spiritual brother and friend, Derek who recently lost his sibling Geoff, pointed out that those of us who have brothers should never take for granted the time we have to spend with our siblings.  Be there for one another and share in each others lives; bond and reflect now on the importance of the sacred connection that the Creator has blessed us with.

The Gryder Boys in 2008
My brother and I patched things up and we even spent a day on the golf course together in order to sort things out and enjoy each other just as brothers.  I will always treasure that day on the links with him.

At the birth of my son Liam this past Tuesday, my first thoughts were of Gabe and how blessed he now is to have that sacred connection of a brother.  I prayerfully thought of my Derek and his passed on brother Geoff and finally I thought of my own brothers, my father and his brother and how blessed we all have been through our lives to have one another.

Life changed this past Tuesday afternoon for my son Gabe.  He gained a little brother, a friend and sacred connection that I, as a father and brother, will share with them both.  I pray their connection will be built on the foundation that I can provide through the sharing of stories about their uncles and those other sacred brotherly ties.  Perhaps this is Liam's message to me. 


Welcome Liam Hartley Gryder! Oh yes...he too was born on a Tuesday like his older brother.

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  1. Congratulations! I'm sure your two wee ones will be fast friends for life!