Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas...Even if it's Bittersweet

What a roller coaster ride it's been over the last 10 days or so for the Gryder family and friends.

Today's post is short and sweet.  I pray that you will keep your family close and enjoy every moment of time you have.  Say what you feel, share what you mean and do it all in the name of love.

Poppie with all his grandchildren Thanksgiving Day 2012

I share 2 pictures with you today.  For me and hopefully for you they reflect what the 'reason for the season' is all about: celebration of life with family!

Peace be with you and your family and remember, Merry Christmas...Even it it's Bittersweet.


PS- I want to express our family's grateful appreciation for all the many prayers, calls, cards and online postings of sympathy on the passing of my father, Ray Sr.  They have all meant so very much to us all.  


  1. Merry Christmas Ray to you and your family. I can't say that the string ever goes away, this is only my second Christmas without my Dad being with me physically. I can say that this Christmas brings more laughter than tears. Than when I think back over my Dad's last 18 months... VICTORY is now his, no more sickness and no more pain!!! That being the case, it is well with my soul. Merry Christmas... even if it's bittersweet, the bitter part is that our love ones (our Dads, my Superhero) aren't here physically but the sweet part is that one day we will be reunited not only with our earthly fathers but also with our Heavenly Father. Now that's enough to rejoice about so again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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