Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deep in the Root

I was out picking up some breakfast items Sunday and heard a story on how use of a mortar and pestle in the kitchen is a sign of an engaged cook.  There were several statements by the commenting cooks that I reflected upon after hearing them.  I'm always looking for positive things to share with you and these comments resonated with me as I thought about how we can apply them to our spiritual life as Jesus Followers. 

"This day and age — not to get on a soapbox — we're sort of disengaged in a lot of different ways." 

Duh...ya think? Wow...applying this statement to our spiritual lives; our daily lives really hits the mark doesn't it? 
      "...They believe in the result of it. They believe in the way, the process — something that is deep in the root." 

I believe that in order to get deep in the root of our spirituality; belief in the result of it, we must be committed like the cook in the kitchen using the mortar and pestle.  

In my work as a leader in men's ministry I've seen how believing in the results is important.  I encountered men from all across the country attending recent men's events who are active, committed Jesus-followers that are about getting deep in the root.  I've seen them exhibit this through their work and fellowship as brothers.  They believe in the way, the process.

     "It's really about being really engaged in the process as it's happening."

This was the statement that encouraged me to write today.  It 'engaged' me and made me think about my process and the importance of reflection on that process as it's happening.  Many times during our devotional time, prayer time, meditation, or quiet moments of contemplation it's easy for us to get distracted and get off track becoming 'disengaged'.

We have a mortar and pestle in our kitchen, but use it sparingly.  In the future I will work to really engage this tool in the process of my meal preparation. 

I feel confident that on that night when Jesus dined with his closet friends, speaking to them of the those things getting ready to transpire, that a mortar and pestle was part of the preparation for the meal; perhaps even near or on the table there.  Most likely used for the grinding of the grains for the bread.  

Do you think those present were engaged during those all important moments of instruction, explanation and reflection? 
I will recommit during the approaching Christmas season to getting deep in the root of my daily spiritual life process and disengage from all the 'noise' around me.  

So now it's your turn to offer up your thoughts.  Below are some questions I'd like for you to reflect upon.  Also, share your meal ideas or experiences with a mortar and pestle.  Come on folks don't be shy.

-In what ways do you find yourself disengaged?

-What daily process do you have that you are committed to that gets you deep in the root?

-When it comes to your spiritual life are you really engaged in the process as it's happening?


Here the link to the interesting story about getting back to the basics of food.  Enjoy!

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