Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mission vs. Maintenance

Zion Christian Church, Beaverdam, VA
This past Saturday morning I traveled to Beaverdam, VA.  Beaverdam is a small community in western Hanover County just a bit northwest of the Richmond area.  The men of Zion Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have a monthly gathering of their Disciples Men for a time of fellowship, a morning breakfast and mission.

This scene is played out all over the country on Saturday mornings when men of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) come together at these type of events.  The reason I am taking time to write about this particular group for today's 'Tuesday Afternoon...' post is that the men there 'get it'.

This group of committed men are a perfect example of what it means to exhibit a mission based philosophy. 

Each time I've taken the opportunity to fellowship with this group of men I'm always encouraged by the way they have a clear focus.  This is not a large group.  On Saturday, like most other times I've met with them, there's only about 8-10 men present, but the unique thing about them is that they all seem so involved and in tune with what is going on within their group.  They have a calendar filled with activities.

As I've done in the past, I was there to give them some event reminders and show my support for them as their regional staff director.  After breakfast they began their meeting and as I sat there I listened to the various mission focused actions they are carrying out for 2011.  Here's a few of them:
Special Camp 2010

1-Outreach to Oakridge Correctional Center
2-Three to four prefab construction projects with Elder Homes
3-Support for Craig Springs/Special Camp
4-Support for Hanover Safe Place
5-Support for a shoe fund
6-Providing support to a selected Thanksgiving Family
7-Providing support to a selected Christmas Family

And while I sat there they talked about a lady in the community that needed someone to take a look at her bathtub and there was also someone else that needed something moved and needed help doing that.  Several of the men spoke right up to volunteer and offer their service.

After I had concluded giving my reminders I told the group how refreshing it is to always know that they have a mission focus and not a maintenance focus.  I let them know that their efforts are very much appreciated and that they are to be commended for it.  As I mentioned it's obvious they 'get it'.

These men need no one to hold their hand, no one to give them direction on what it is they should be doing as Disciples Men.  They take action and that action is community focused. 

This is what men's ministry is all about.  They're on a path of mission and spiritual growth through the actions they take within and for their community.  Mission defeats maintenance every time. 

If you participate in a men's group or any other community service or church group, you might want to take a step back and take time to ask yourself if your group practices mission or maintenance. 

I'm very proud to say that I am associated with this group of committed and energetic men.  They 'get it'.


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  1. Good post, Ray...
    And, "You go, Zion Christian Men"!