Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After I Saw the Bird (A New Beginning)

As I read my good friend, Derek Maul's blog today, his statement,"What happened - and is happening - in Japan is a contributing cause to my spiritual restlessness. My desire to grow in faith is a form or restlessness. My commitment to discipleship emerges out of restlessness. Paying attention to being restless is a step in the process of moving closer to God." I sensed my own restlessness.

I too have been very restless because of the the sadness and heartbreak ongoing in Japan and other things going on in my life and my church, but today when I saw one of God's creatures my spiritual restlessness was transformed into spiritual contentedness and the assurance of a new beginning.

So today as I took my walk, I noticed a Mockingbird and his varied songs.  I watched the bird and thought about the beauty of just the sound.  I remembered the Mockingbird that would sit outside our bathroom window very early in the morning when I was a youngster.  A slice of nature serving as a reminder that spring approaches; new beginnings taking place.

After I saw the bird, I thought about how Japan will ultimately be restored by the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit; a common worldwide compassionate coming together; a new beginning. 

After I saw the bird, I thought about the many beautiful Flowering Bradford Pear trees that always seem to bloom around the time of my wife's birthday; between the second and third week of March.  They suddenly appeared today with their white blooms as reminders of not only her, but again of the coming spring; a new beginning.

After I saw the bird, I thought about the harsh economic realities my home church is currently experiencing and struggling through.  I pray that just as spring comes forth anew, a gathering fellowship will step out on the path of a faithful new beginning.

After I saw the bird, I thought of my son, Gabe and how blessed I am to have the opportunity to spend time with him everyday as he grows; understanding that each and every experience is truly for him, Kim and I a new beginning.

By taking a walk today I found time to focus, to notice the Mockingbird, to think about the newness of spring. As a follower of Jesus I am committed to moving closer, seeking out the beauty, the mystery and converting my restlessness into a new beginning.

Peace be with you on your walk today.


PS-And now for today's musical selection; I'm in the mood for some Jimi Hendrix and I really like this picture of him and his dad.  I'm a huge Jimi fan.  Hope you'll enjoy this song of his that comes to mind in talking about a new beginning.

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  1. Good thoughts, Ray. I. Prayed for Greg and your church Sunday evening. May you all know renewal and promise