Friday, November 11, 2011


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Today, is the 3rd in a series of guest blogger postings by men excited about the Bethany 2012 event you've read about on occasion here.  Today's posting again comes from the pages of the General Conference of Disciples Men newsletter, 'The Voice'.  The post is an invitation from our friend and brother, mission work coordinator, President of Disciples Men in West Virginia, Randal Dawson.


PS- Many thanks to our many men and women veterans, this Veterans Day 2011!

The Invitation

God provides each of us with opportunities to serve Him. He supplies us with the desire and a spirit that is not always supposed to be contained or feel alive with the excitement of looking upon Him to supply our every need. God loves His children and He has such a desire for us to become complete and whole. It is a father’s love for his child…our Heavenly Father’s love for His child, which is you and me. The journey to missions can begin today! The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) know and understand the importance and value of missions. Through their efforts, many thousands are comforted and helped in times of disaster or in poverty stricken areas. Through their support, lives are changed and the gospel message of Jesus Christ is brought to ears that have not heard. Pray to God and allow Him to reveal to you what it is you should do.  Give up control of your life to Him and let Him decide what is best for you.

Your willingness to serve is the first step.   
God will take care of the rest.

If you are sensing the call to serve in missions, a wonderful opportunity is coming up in July, 2012, at “Xtreme Faith-Bold Action: A Gathering of Disciples Men”. Several mission projects will be offered, including work around the historic Bethany College, WV campus. Register NOW for the best accommodations and cost savings. Join Disciples Men from various regions, including, West Virginia, Capitol Area, Virginia, Ohio, the Northeast and Pennsylvania as we explore the exciting and fulfilling world of missions work. Check us out on the web at I am looking forward to see you there as, together, we make our efforts count for His Kingdom!  
Blessings to All!

Randal Dawson

Elder, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Princeton, West Virginia 
President, West Virginia Disciples Men Missions 
Co-coordinator for “Xtreme Faith-Bold Action: A Gathering of Disciple Men”

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