Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Many More Important Things

PIC OF THE WEEK: View from Varina-Enon Bridge looking toward Hopewell, VA (2007)
So I'm yawning...yes...yawning as I get around to writing a little something for the blog.

Remember that movie...or line from a movie...'If it's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium'?  If it's Tuesday it must be blog time.  Really?  It's Tuesday?  Do I have time?

Yes...this week we went back to work and our son began his daycare experience.  Today is day 2.  We're getting used to a whole new way of going to and coming from work.  There's another in our lives now that we are responsible for, someone depending completely on us.

I'm sleepy, my back hurts, I'm not ready to be back at work, but...there are so many more important things in this world than all the noise and hate.

Today marks the 69th year since America entered the Second World War. To this day, oil still oozes from a sunken ship beneath Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where the Sunday morning "dastardly attack" as President Franklin Roosevelt called it, took place.  Someone 18 years of age that December 7, 1941 was born in 1923 and is now 87 years of age.  The memories of that day are fading.  Of course, history will never forget, but as those who lived through it and happen to still be alive on this day and those folks continue to increasingly pass on, the significance and the importance wanes and the infamy subsides.  The stories live on, but it's weird...I can sense the diminished significance with each recurring December 7th.   It's understandable, but for those who lived in it, were part of it, who had a loved one lose their life, who immediately upon hearing the news come over the radio or by word of mouth, went to their local induction center or who ultimately give the full measure in some other violent episode between then and August of 1945, December 7, 1941 will always be a day of sadness and reflection.  The 20th century's equivalent to 9/11.  I'm thankful for what many now call the 'greatest generation'.

I feel the most significant part of December 7, 1941 is that for many forgiveness has now taken root in their hearts for the transgressions perpetrated that day.

I pray that in many years from now humanity still remembers December 7th, 9/11 and the all too many other tragic occurrences of history in the hope we learn that violence is not the answer.

So as politicians fume and grumble about not getting their way on the right or the left...remembering December 7th, those who died and the ultimate forgiveness that has come about since then should be the order of the day.  Don't they know there are so many more important things in this world than all the noise and hate?  Yep...just like with my back hurting and I'm tired, but then all I have to do is look at my beautiful son and the pain and sleeplessness all goes away. 

We should all take time to look at ourselves and realize the really important things in life...since Gabriel's arrival...I know I do.


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