Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When We...

Bethany College, Bethany, WV

When we assemble 400+ men at Bethany College next year it will be awesome!

Isn't always amazing how things change and language is a powerful thing?

A year ago a group of men met for a time of fellowship and initial planning.  They exchanged ideas with an understanding that what they were setting out to do was going to be scrutinized and criticized because they were daring to do something different.  They departed with a level of excitement that would give them a sense of commitment to over the next year develop their initial plans.

This past weekend the group assembled again with a couple of changes in personnel, but essentially the same group met as before in the hope that their planning would be fruitful and worthwhile.

As the group met and even beforehand, it was evident that 'language' was going to play an integral part in the conversations and open discussions of the group.

Optimism has caught fire amongst the group members and the language of 'if we' has been replaced with more positive infectious statements such as 'we will' and 'when we'.

The men of this group are a dedicated lot.  They recognize that their efforts are a vital part of who they are.

These men are working with a level of 'x-treme faith'.  Their 'bold action' will lead men toward a pilgrimage to Bethany College, Bethany, WV next summer to be part of a gathering of Disciples Men.

The weekend was filled with many new ideas and the realization that ideas that were shared and put forth initially had now changed.  Ideas were becoming more and more interesting because of their enthusiasm.  It's their hope that the ideas will continue to grow and that when they come together again as a group the ideas will continue growing and changing.

Growing together as a small group will insure the same exchange of ideas and excitement for the 400+ men who will be attending the event next summer.  Growth and change were evident and very recognizable in the room where the group met and that's a good thing.  Their were a couple of instances where hopes might have been dashed, but readjustment was easily accomplished.  Before they knew it, any disappointment was overshadowed by some other suggestion of positive alternative.

Change is a good thing.  It's always beneficial to grow and be open to something new.  The world is a changing place and this group is very understanding of that fact.  It is because men have neglected to change that stagnation has ruled the day.  The change that this group of men are working to implement will keep change at the forefront of future men's events.

The men of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are going places as they continue to plan and implement the change that will be 'X-treme Faith-Bold Action: A Gathering of Disciples Men', July 13-15, 2012 at Bethany College, WV.

I'm proud to be a member of this planning group.  I will be sharing more about this event from time to time in this space.

Memorial Christian Church, Bethany, WV

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  1. I'll be there! And so will the transformational spirit of Jesus! I know he's stoked!
    - Derek