Saturday, April 2, 2011

Special Saturday...GO RAMS GO!

Enjoy this Special Saturday edition of 'Tuesday' by checking out this great parody video supporting my Alma Mater (BA 1996), Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  It celebrates their improbable run in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney and their young coach Shaka Smart.

It's so great that the City of Richmond has something to cheer about, something positive to bring it together.

All too often Richmond only makes the headlines nationally because of something ridiculous or embarrassing about it's past being drudged up concerning the Civil War or some other silliness.
CONGRATULATIONS VCU RAMS on making it to the Final Four in Houston!  GO RAMS GO!!!           

"Shaka's Got'em Believing" (VCU Final Four Song)

UPDATE: Rams, you played hard and with heart!  What a great run it was for you all.  RAM NATION salutes you for a great game against Butler.  You may have not won, but Richmond and all of VCU and RAM NATION is proud of you and your great coach! 

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